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The Demo Continues – The Basement

By Matt - Friday, November 2nd, 2012

So now that we’re at the point where we are starting to rebuild things there are still things that need to be destroyed… I mean demo’d. The biggest of these is actually one that’s pretty big, the basement.

What we needed to do now that the oil tank and boiler are gone is to demo the oddly placed bedroom in the basement. The big question that you might ask is why would you demo a finished basement?  A basement apartment no less?!

Well we can start with the fact that whoever put this basement together was either on drugs or drunk.  The bathroom had a window that was half boarded up to accommodate a shower.  Which was one of those insert thingys just placed above the drain by the way.  Then there was the stove next to the electrical panel.  And did I mention the wires for live outlets that were running along the floor.  Think a flooded basement with live wires – nooo, that’s not a risk for electrocution at all?!.

The next reason that we needed to demo the basement is because we need to put in a couple posts to hold up the new wall for the kitchen (or lack thereof as we’re taking one out). Did I forget to mention that we also need to put in the furnace and new washer dryer?

OK so the net result is most of the basement needed to come out and that is what Paul and I came in to do and it came apart fairly easily… well the walls did at least.

The ceiling is another story – there were 4 different kinds of ceilings in the place:
Tonge and groove ¾ inch plywood (very heavy)
Drywall with thin plywood on it (this is two because they covered the finished ceiling with plywood)
and spots without ceilings.

Ok my question is, why would you put plywood on top of a finished ceiling? Really?? Its not that hard to tear down and put it back up properly.  Seriously.

The good news is most of this crap is now done thanks to the help Paul provided!  It looks much better already.

OK kind of ready to start putting things back into the basement (only the kitchenette and bathroom left to remove).

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