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Simplifying Cleaning with a Roomba

By Matt - Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

One of the things I dislike doing and procrastinated most about is cleaning and most specifically vacuuming. I’m not entirely certain what it is about the activity that puts me off so much but it does.

This past Christmas my wife and I were asked what we wanted for the holiday and I instantly said: “I want a Roomba”. Lo and behold Santa was kind and we got one. Ever since then I believe I have picked up the devil machine, I mean vacuum, once to vacuum the stairs.

It’s a great device for our needs though I will admit it’s not perfect but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks 100 to 1 if not more!

The benefits

  • It cleans without my input or effort
  • It cleans well, as good if not better than my regular vacuum
  • It cleans Under furniture

The drawbacks

  • It sometimes gets stuck underneath the couch
  • The brushes don’t seem to last extremely long.

Overall this little device is a godsend; I dislike cleaning and vacuuming and it frees up my time for more important things like spending time with my family. I recommend this little robot to everyone!

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