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Demo Day 5 – Oil Tank Removed

By Matt - Sunday, October 21st, 2012

When you think about heating a house, yes occasionally people think about these things, there are a few things that come to mind (at least for me).  First off it comes to how the place is heated (where is the heat coming from) the next is its not just about heating.The typical methods are Radiators or Central Heating. Radiators are good for people with allergies, but central air means you can also have AC!

Not very exciting in the grand scheme of things but in our case it’s pretty important. Our new house has radiators and we’re ripping it out and installing a full HVAC (central heating) system, mostly so we can have AC in the summer. The problem is that when you have radiators they are typically fed by a boiler heating system and run on water and take up a large amount of space in the basement.  The radiators themselves take up a couple square feet of space in nearly every room as well.  If you want to maximize space, definitely not the best option.

Our house is about 50 years old and has a 50 year old boiler – which needs to be removed along with the rads to make space for HVAC.

Day 5 was the day that this boiler was to be removed along with the oil tank that fuels it. To give you a bit of perspective the boiler is solid cast iron and the tank holds about 900 litres of oil. Also made of iron. That shit is heavy. And in this particular case, completely covered in rust!

The two guys that were contracted came in and started to remove it  – fast forward  about 5 hours later and its gone!  In pieces to be sure, but gone nonetheless.  Left a bit of a mess though.

Post demolition of boiler and tank there was a bit of a oil spill on the basement floor.  Who knew but Tide totally cleans that crap up.  Awesome!

Additionally had to call a plumber in to take care of the the galvanized piping in the upstairs bathroom. The guy came in and was totally professional and quick about it. This let me get back to destroying… i mean demo’ing the bathroom. Almost done.

The day was long and lots of progress was made, here are a few pictures:

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